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The Equipment Studio

"Sarah and Pilates have helped me no end with the pain from neck and back arthritis. In fact I have been able to stop my huge amount painkillers which often caused other problems. Every consultant I have seen has recommended doing Pilates."  Pat

An individual work-out is planned according to the client's individual needs and abilities. It is then put into action on the various different pieces of equipment within the Studio.


Session details:

- Daytime and Evening Studio sessions classes are 1 hour long

 (see Timetable)

- For best results class sizes are limited to 4 clients.

- Blocks of 6 or 10 sessions are paid for at a time (see Prices).

- 24 hours cancellation notice needs to be given to avoid being


The Studio Equipment includes:


- 2 Cadillacs

- 2 Reformers

- 1 Tower

- 2 Wunda Chairs

- 1 Ladder Barrell

- Spine Corrector, C-shaper, Physio Balls, Rollers, Weights

 and other small equipment

Studio Sessions Explained

The Equipment Explained

The equipment that we use in the Pilates Studio generally utilises pulleys and resistance from the participants own body weight on the machine and graduated levels of springs.


The Reformer is probably the best-known piece of resistance equipment that you will encounter in the studio. This piece of equipment is incredibly versatile and can really help in strengthening and lengthening the client through working their hips, legs, arms and trunk in a variety of different positions.


The Cadillac and Tower are fantastic at mobilising and stretching the body in a very safe and controlled way through the closed chain effect of the bars.


The Wunda Chair is a very strengthening and fun piece of equipment to work on, orginally intended as a piece of furniture with a twist!


The quantity of exercises on these machines are in the 100's so there will always be a challenge waiting for you. You will never get bored in the Studio!

Each client will do a short matwork based warm up and then move around the various different pieces of equipment according to the

needs of the client. This will include mobilisation, strengthening and stretching. The equipment is a very safe form of rehabilitation and strength training.