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Knebworth Pilates Studio, 9 Stevenage Road, Knebworth, Herts. SG3 6AN

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"I have been attending Pilates with Sarah and her team for many years now and find the classes thoroughly enjoyable.  I have tried Aerobics and Yoga in the past but Pilates is the only one I have continued with.  It has greatly improved my flexibility, strength and posture.  The classes are nice and small and so individual attention is always given.  It doesn’t matter what level you work at, you never feel under pressure to keep up. I can highly recommend Knebworth Pilates Studio to anyone, it has a great atmosphere and everyone is very friendly."  Mandy


“I hate the gym and most things physical, but I have been doing Pilates for over ten years now, since which time I’ve had virtually no problems with my back, my posture has improved, my figure has improved and I really notice it if I miss a few weeks.  I used to drive across the county to a really good Pilates teacher.  Then I found Knebworth Pilates Studio – where the teaching is just as good.  For me not to get bored is a real achievement.  Some weeks I feel too tired to go, but when I come back, I’m full of energy again.  Brilliant!” Jane H


"Knebworth Pilates Studio is a purpose built studio in the heart of Knebworth. I have been taking classes with Sarah and other instructors at her studio for several years so have progressed in Pilates from beginner to intermediate level. I can highly recommend her studio, the instructors and the range of classes. I can also recommend her mince pies at Christmas." David, Welwyn Garden City


"I have been coming to a class for several years at Knebworth Pilates Studio. The lessons are always varied and fun and I enjoy meeting the other members of my group every week. The teachers are fantastic and my back problems and posture have improved dramatically." Liz


My teacher is so in tune with everyone in the class, their strengths, their weaknesses and just how to get the very best out of them so leave the class feeling all stretched out toned up and set for the weekend.  A mixture of balance, strength and variety that she brings to each lesson has you rapping on the door the next week wondering what is in store. Pilates helps immensely to regulate my Crohn's disease, the digestion and the arthritus.  The general level of core fitness helps me bounce back quicker when I do relapse. Couldn't recommend it highly enough." Christine


" I have been attending Knebworth Pilates studio for about 2 years now. Sarah is always cheerful and encouraging whilst continually ensuring everyone is doing the excercises correctly. Her classes are always varied and interesting, never repetitive. I find Pilates really beneficial for "niggling" lower back aches & pains and for general body mobilisation." Hilary