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"I have been coming to Knebworth Pilates Studio for some years. Initially it was something that I just enjoyed - it helped to make me feel stronger, focus on the way I use parts of my body and be generally more body aware. All this time and for many years before, I had been experiencing hip pain. Sarah was one of several people who gently encouraged me to find out the cause and eventually I saw a consultant to learn that I have quite advanced arthritis owing to a deformity of the joint which has been with me since birth. A hip replacement will be the long term solution, but in the meantime, I am  attending weekly studio classes to learn techniques that strengthen the muscles around the joint and so stabilising the joint better, and as a result I am in far less discomfort than I have been in many years. If I do over do it - a long walk, for example - I know that several stretches and exercises will relieve any tightness, whereas a year ago, before I had been consciously focusing pilates on this part of my body, I could feel discomfort for weeks. I feel positive that when I choose to have the op, I will be doing so in a good physical condition and therefore hope recovery - with the help of the pilates techniques - will be swift."  Emma

"The knowledge and the way the teachers at Knebworth Pilates studio creatively interpret the Pilates moves make all the lessons fly by. I have most definately toned up and 're-shaped'. Slim, as a trained physio is aware of which moves should be avoided and offers different exercises accordingly. Hilary and Sarah have warm and friendly manners. Clear instruction on what is happening to the body enable deeper thinking. A fab place."  Sarah