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Matwork Classes

A team of teachers offer daytime and evening Matwork classes for Beginners, Intermediate and Advance Clients.


We can cater for brand new beginners with small Beginners classes or private lessons.


Class details:

"Knebworth Pilates Studio provides an excellent range of Pilates classes from chronic injury rehabilitaion to advanced classes. I've been through the whole range over 3 years which have seen me progress from daily lower back pain to being pain free. I can thoroughly recommend them."  Mike


Classes will include:

- Concentrating on strengthening the core muscles

- Working through all the principles and fundamentals of Pilates

- Learning how to Breathe correctly

- Using own body weight as resistance

- Increasing stamina and strength

- Mobilising, releasing and stretching

- Using small props eg blocks, bands, balls, rings, weights, rollers etc

- Improving Balance eg with Wobble boards

- Incorporating functional exercises relating to real life

- Learning how to move well

Matwork Explained

What can Matwork do for you?

- Improved posture

- A stronger, healthier back

- A more toned, mobile and flexible body

- A leaner, longer look

- Improved body awareness leading to better movement patterns

- A healthier spine

- Better co-ordination and body awarenes

- Recovery from an injury

- Relief from stress

- General fitness

- Improve other sporting activities

- A sense of calm and well-being

Matwork classes will include a warm up, stretching, adapted and original Joseph Pilates exercises creating a balanced workout.

It can help you to achieve:

,- Daytime and Evening Matwork classes are 1 hour long

 (see Timetable)

- For best results class sizes are limited to 9 clients.

- The Studio closes for Christmas, Easter and 3 weeks in the Summer.

- Catch up classes are encouraged for any missed classes subject to availability.